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Tre ords leken
xlenwfemDate: Wednesday, 2012-10-17, 5:59 PM | Message # 151
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He thought that was how everyone acted, that what was normal in his culture.
wShigeevinibexDate: Wednesday, 2012-10-17, 7:13 PM | Message # 152
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mdnfkbylDate: Wednesday, 2012-10-17, 7:32 PM | Message # 153
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koevjudfDate: Wednesday, 2012-10-17, 8:42 PM | Message # 154
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ShigeevinibexeDate: Wednesday, 2012-10-17, 11:55 PM | Message # 155
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pwqcjqyqDate: Thursday, 2012-10-18, 1:48 AM | Message # 156
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suyzjjygDate: Thursday, 2012-10-18, 2:44 AM | Message # 157
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gtgrqtmrDate: Thursday, 2012-10-18, 3:23 AM | Message # 158
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afmexemfDate: Thursday, 2012-10-18, 5:11 AM | Message # 159
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vzlxmyekDate: Thursday, 2012-10-18, 7:04 AM | Message # 160
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Added (2012-10-18, 7:04 AM)
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plwboaevDate: Thursday, 2012-10-18, 10:50 AM | Message # 161
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bShigeevinibexDate: Thursday, 2012-10-18, 11:13 AM | Message # 162
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upjzvptqDate: Thursday, 2012-10-18, 12:16 PM | Message # 163
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ShigeevinibexeDate: Thursday, 2012-10-18, 2:16 PM | Message # 164
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dlqsdgscDate: Thursday, 2012-10-18, 4:37 PM | Message # 165
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zxtlriuoDate: Thursday, 2012-10-18, 10:44 PM | Message # 166
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zperdenhDate: Friday, 2012-10-19, 0:47 AM | Message # 167
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vShigeevinibexDate: Friday, 2012-10-19, 3:21 AM | Message # 168
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ahsbgqpoDate: Friday, 2012-10-19, 4:10 AM | Message # 169
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Added (2012-10-19, 4:10 AM)
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rdjulwizDate: Friday, 2012-10-19, 4:50 AM | Message # 170
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cgebqddpDate: Friday, 2012-10-19, 9:00 AM | Message # 171
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xmafstnjDate: Friday, 2012-10-19, 10:31 AM | Message # 172
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ocvczqbtDate: Friday, 2012-10-19, 12:58 PM | Message # 173
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smabbfolDate: Friday, 2012-10-19, 1:08 PM | Message # 174
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imnsxsbnDate: Friday, 2012-10-19, 2:28 PM | Message # 175
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